In defense of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is out and almost every tech reviewer has written it off. The question everyone’s asking is “Why did Apple launch an obsolete phone?”. The answer to that may be supply chain/manufacturing constraints. But here’s my question to Apple fans: if Apple’s strength lies not in being first to market but providing the best implementation of something, shouldn’t you also just buy the best iteration of a product? iPhone 8 is the best iteration in iPhone 6 form factor. Similarly, iPhone SE was the best iteration in the iPhone 5 form factor.

We’ve seen it happen before with first gen Touch ID. We might see it happen again with Face ID. Bendgate with plus form factor is another example. First iteration products aren’t usually the best. Apps may not be updated for the new screen size. If you buy Apple because it always just works and it is the best implementation of some technology, you should be buying the iPhone 8.

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