Cold Showers

Numerous articles and YouTube videos encourage people to start taking cold showers. Most of them ask you to try it as a 30 day challenge. Cold showers supposedly make you more active, healthy, increase your will power and make you Batman. So, obviously I decided to try (mostly to become Batman).

Almost 4 months later, here’s what I think. Of course I can’t say with certainty if it has made me more active, healthy or any of those other things. It might have. But I can say for sure that I am not Batman (yet). Even though it didn’t open my eyes to a whole new world that was hiding in plain sight, I still continue to take cold showers every morning.

You are in the shower much shorter

Since you won’t be spending more than 3 minutes showering you are ready for work quickly.

What is cold?

It has reset my internal measure of what is cold. The first few days of committing to cold showers involved me standing outside a running shower for minutes before jumping in. Today I jump in without any hesitation. You no longer feel that initial shock when you step outside each day. On a recent trip, one of the hotels we stayed in did not have hot water in the shower. Except it did. Only the hot and cold ends were swapped (oh you fallible human brain). And it made no difference to me.

Here’s what I don’t like about short cold showers. I desire longer showers on some days. Also, it helps you let your subconscious mind think about problems from earlier in the day or from days before. On those days, I take a longer shower in the evenings.


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