Stop worrying about grammar

In the past, I have fallen prey to this behavior of worrying too much about how my sentences read. Especially when almost everything I write is on the internet these days. My 140 characters on twitter, my short captions on Instagram, my status updates on Facebook (when I was active several years ago), none of those matter. Nobody is going to look at it again after the first 24 hours. Sure, someone might dig up old posts years later. But at that point you’re most likely going to be embarrassed or surprised about what you wrote rather than how it read. So let’s stop wasting our time and let’s stop correcting each other on the internet.

Language keeps growing and the rule books follow reactively. As long as your thoughts reach intended parties how does it matter if it conformed to a codified rule book? Now’s a good time as any to drop that Grammar Nazi hashtag from your arsenal. Of course you have to be mindful if you’re doing some form of business/formal writing. You might say if one writes carefully everywhere then there won’t be any screw ups when one writes business correspondence. By that argument, one must stop swearing in all settings too.

So you may see some mistakes in this or (any) future posts on this blog. I am not going to correct typos or obsess over my sentences. It’s not worth our brain cycles. 

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